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Wayanad - The Green Paradise of Kerala

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Chembra Peak

The Highest peak in Wayanad, chembra peak is at 100 meters above the sea level located near Meppady town, and 8 KM south of Kalpetta. Chembra peak belongs to the Wayanad hill ranges in Western Ghats, extended to the Nilgiri Hills in TamilNadu and Vellarimala in the district of Kozhikode. The beautiful scenary from Chembra is worth the struggle and the adventure you experience in the journey to reach the peak, by foot from Meppady. Permission from the forest office in Meppady  is required for the trekking trip to the peak point.

The heart shaped lake is another tourist attraction here in Chembra on the way to the peak. It is believed that the lake never dries up. The shape and this specialty attract most of the tourists to chembra. After reaching the lake on the halfway to the peak, the peak point is another half way away through dense trees, which will give you a terrific trekking experience.

Distance from kalpetta: 15Km

Pookot Lake, Vythiri

 pookode-lakePookot Lake is a pleasant and beautiful location, 18km away from the town of Kalpetta and another major tourist attraction in the green paradise of Kerala. A perfect picnic spot to get relaxed. The clean and fresh water in the lake and the green forest surrounded gives great pleasure to your eyes. Boat riding is another attraction offered here to add to the excitement of the guests. A great ride against a serene backdrop can take anyone to a calm mood. An aquarium, children’s park and a small emporium selling handicrafts and spices of Wayanad is also set up nearby for a shopping and entertainment experience to the guests.

Distance from Kalpetta : 18Km

Kuruva Islands

kuruva-islandsKuruvadweep is a protected river delta on the Kabini river. Located in the evergreen forest of Wayanad, it is a perfect picnic spot which will amaze you with its serene silence and wide range of forest area. This isolated island, which has the power to attract tourists are font of rare species of birds and herbs. The total area is 950 acre, rich with green forest which is located at just 17 km to the east of Mananthavady, far away from the hustle of the city life, creating an exotic relaxing experience to the tourists.

Distance from kalpetta : 35Km

Edakkal Caves

qEdakkal cave is one of the ultimate travel destination in Wayanad, 27 km from kalpetta and just 3 km from Ambalavayal. Trekking from Edakkal is the only way to reach here. The human and animal figures carvings on the rock wall depicting the pre-historic period and civilized people are the main attraction in Edakkal caves. Tourists are allowed from morning to evening 5 pm. A one and half hour long trekking is needed through the rock and forest area to reach the entrance of the caves. Also, another uphill trekking of 45 minutes is needed to reach the actual cave.

Distance from Kalpetta: 27Km

Neelimala View Point

neelimalaNeelimala is another must seen place in Wayanad, which is a scenic picnic spot offering bird’s eye view of the meenmutty waterfalls and the valleys surrounding it. Located in Wayanad from a distance of 27KM from Kalpetta, Neelimala gives an exotic view your eyes never witnessed.

Distance from : Kalpetta-27Km

Meenmutty Falls

mMeenmutti water falls is the largest and the most spectacular and adventoruous waterfalls in the district of Wayand from a distance of 29 KM from Kalpetta. A trekking of 2KM through the forest is needed to reach the destination. It is unique because of the three stages of water falls of about 300 meters. A never ever seen beautiful and the most adventurous experience awaits you here.

Distance from: Kalpetta-29Km

Sentinal Rock Waterfalls

vThe most famous soochippara waterfalls, also known as the sentinel rock waterfall is located in vellarimala and 22 km south of Kalpetta near chooralmala. Surrounded by deciduos evergreen dense forest , this three tiered waterfall is 656 feet above offering a cliff face ideal for rock climbing.

Distance from: Kalpetta-22Km

Kanthanpara waterfalls

kanthanKanthanpara waterfalls is another natural treat to your eyes. Comparingly smaller in size than soochippara waterfalls, Located 16 km to the southeast of kalpetta, and 8 km east of meppadi, the beautiful vast area covered with tea garden on both sides adds more beauty to the refreshing scenic waterfall. Another perfect place for trekking and exploring the natural secrets of wayanad.

Distance from: Kalpetta-22Km

Banasura Sagar Project

fa The largest earth dam in India and the second largest in Asia, Banasura Sagar dam extends to a wide area with fresh and clear water. An ideal picnic spot surrounded by the bounty of nature and the sizzling sound of water giving complete freshness to the body and soul. The dam, with full of water is a mesmerizing view to the tourists along with many recreational activities such as boating to just get the complete freshness from there.

Distance from: Kalpetta-21Km


3580-212138 Muniyaras are the remainings of stone age living. The excavations at various places around the Ambukuthi Hill have given various ancient vaults commonly called muniaras. All the remnants found here including Stone Age tools and pottery are now preserved at Wayanad Heritage Museum. This can be reached from 27 km from Kalpetta.

Distance from: Kalpetta-27Km

Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary, Muthanga

wayanad-forestThe second largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala is located here a 39 km from Kalpetta- Wayanad wildlife sanctuary. The Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, located over an area of 344 square kilometres with a variety of flora including deciduous and evergreen forests and wide range of wildlife species including Gaur, sambhar, sloth bears, elephants, lizards, bears, wild pigs civet cats, wild dogs panthers, jungle cats, spotted deer, monkeys, reptiles, tigers, lion-tailed macaque and other animals.

The wildlife sanctuary is so much fertile and rich in varied flora including medicinal plants and herbs. Also Jungle Cats, Panthers, Civet Cat, Monkeys, Wild dogs, Deers, Spotted Bears, Bisons, Gaurs, Cheetah, Wild Bears, Peacock, Owls, Jungle fowls, Woodpeckers, Babblers, Cuckoos etc can be seen here. The moist deciduous forest with variety of herbs and tress including swamps, bamboo, teak forests and tall grass. Muthanga is also the place declared as Project Elephant site with numerous watering holes. The forest department has arranged elephant rides for the tourists in a safe and enjoying way. Also the place is known to be the home to Tigers.

Distance from Kalpetta-39Km